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From scientific conferences, to youth STEM education festivals, to innovative projects and networking, AGG makes science come to life in small communities around the world. Our passion is connecting people to the science that could change their lives, promoting a free flow of ideas between lay people and STEM experts, and giving children the STEM opportunities, inspiration and role models that they might otherwise not have access to in their hometowns.


Our signature event is NanoGagliato, the original AGG nanomedicine conference in the small southern Italian town of Gagliato, Italy. NanoGagliato brings together nanoscientists, medical professionals and researchers, humanitarians, thought leaders, government officials, educators, venture capitalists and more to gather with Gagliato residents for informal but intense discussions on scientific and humanitarian challenges.

A highlight of the conference is the concurrent children’s event, NanoPiccola, where conference speakers and volunteers create an engaging science fair for local youths. Children and teenagers perform experiments, learn about nanotechnology, and meet the scientists and other professionals from the conference, often forming long-term mentorship relationships with role models poised to educate and inspire.

Now, inspired by the NanoGagliato and NanoPiccola success story, AGG chapters and accademici are creating similar events in communities across the world. Check back as we add more events!

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Upcoming Events

25 – 29 July 2023 – NanoGagliato and NanoPiccola

Theme: Emerging Opportunities and Threats in Medicine, Pharma, and Biotech
Gagliato, Calabria, Italy
Conference by invitation only

27 July - 01 August 2023 - NanoValbruna

Valbruna, Italy
Learn more at https://nanovalbruna.com/

AGG Around The World

At AGG, we believe every person in the world should have access to science information, inspiration, and education. We are pleased to welcome new chapters and accademici to the AGG family and support their efforts as they create STEM events in their communities.


Science Partnering with Nature
Valbruna, Fruili Venezia Guilia, Italy

NanoValbruna is the NanoGreen Festival of Friuli Venezia Giulia in northern Italy. Located in the beautiful Italian Alps, this annual program features high-level scientific discussions focusing on ecological sustainability as well as two days of events for school-age children in the concurrent NanoPiçule festival. Attendees enjoy an immersive science experience along with hiking, live music, and local cuisine. Learn more>>

nanovalbruna event

Inspiring Wale’s Next Generation of Nanoscientists
Port Talbot, Wales

NanoBach is the Welsh edition of AGG’s NanoPiccola, a science workshop held by Swansea University to teach children in Years 7 and 8 about the many exciting possibilities in nanotechnology. Covering nanomedicine, nanoenergy and nanoenvironment, NanoBach gives students hands-on science experience and a look at careers in nanotechnology. News>>


Life in Extreme Conditions
Tel Aviv, Israel

The inaugural NanoKatan STEM festival for students will be held in March 2022 in conjunction with the Dead Sea Research Institute Life in Extreme Conditions Summit.

Interested in creating an AGG event in your community? Apply to become an AGG member and get access to our wealth of experience and resources as well as support in planning your STEM event.


The Frantoio, now home of the Accademia di Gagliato and other creative initiatives, was a four-year project completed in 2017. The project was originally designed by JoAnn Fleischhauer, an artist from Houston, and executed by architect Antonio Locanto and surveyor Giovanni Sinopoli. The interior design is a product of the genius of Guido Bottazzo, a designer from Padova who has been collaborating with the Accademia for many years. Along with these leaders, we would like to thank Valentina Barbieri, director of the construction site, for the dedication and tireless efforts that resulted in this incredible outcome. The Frantoio building belongs to the Municipality of Gagliato, which received a grant from the European Community in 2013 on a project presented with the Accademia di Gagliato.

Il Frantorio

Guido Bottazzo, designer and architect extraordinaire of the Accademia has planned a series of laboratories and workshops where artists from different parts of Italy and the world will work with the people of Gagliato – from the children up – to decorate the interior of the Frantoio and to carry out other annual projects. The initiative was launched during NanoGagliato 2016.

Frantoio Art Lab

Pralaya Arches will be a new yoga center in Gagliato developed by renowned yoga instructor Robert Boustany. The Pralaya Arches project will revitalize one of Gagliato’s abandoned buildings next to Il Frantoio, giving new life to the structure’s former grandeur. Robert is a veteran of NanoGagliato and now also a “citizen” of Gagliato. Robert’s vision, embodied in Pralaya Arches, is that it will become both a center of training and retreat for yoga instructors as well as a place where children from Gagliato will receive free yoga classes. It will be a refuge where people from Gagliato and beyond can develop and disseminate practices of wellness and wholesome living. The executive project is ready and stunning (another gift of Guido Bottazzo!) and currently in the crowd-funding stage.

Pralaya Arches