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The Piccola Accademia di Gagliato delle Nanoscienze (NanoPiccola) is the junior arm of the Accademia di Gagliato Globale. In Gagliato, the NanoPiccola youth STEM festival is held alongside the NanoGagliato. Each summer, NanoPiccola offers children between the ages of 5 and 14 the opportunity to discover the exciting possibilities of nanotechnology and other scientific disciplines, meet with role models and mentors in a variety of STEM fields, and do age-appropriate hands-on experiments under the guidance of AGG volunteers.

NanoPiccola 2024

Scuola Elementare di Gagliato

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Educational Resources

A central part of the mission of the Accademia di Gagliato Globale is to help people understand how nanoscale science can change their world for the better. On this website, you’ll find more resources to continue this adventure throughout the year.

NanoPiccola at Home 2020 – I Workshop: Vedere l’infinitamente piccolo
Italian language

NanoPiccola 2020 at Home – II Workshop: Virus “Nanorganismi” buoni o cattivi? Italian language

NanoPiccola 2020 at home – III Workshop: BIOMIMETICA: La farfalla morpho
Italian language

anoPiccola 2020 at Home – IV Workshop: Dall’infinitamente piccolo all’infinitamente grande Italian language

Get Involved

Interested in volunteering at NanoPiccola? We welcome creative individuals from a variety of disciplines to help facilitate science experiments and activities at the children’s STEM festival.

Want to create a similar event in your community? Apply to become an AGG member and we would be thrilled to support your event planning.